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Bachelor BÈTA - Aarde, Economie en Duurzaamheid

Bachelor BÈTA - Aardwetenschappen

Bachelor BÈTA - Artificial Intelligence

Bachelor BÈTA - Biologie

Bachelor BÈTA - Biomedical Science

Bachelor BÈTA - Business Analytics

Bachelor BÈTA - Computer Science

Bachelor BÈTA - Farmaceutische Wetenschappen

Bachelor BÈTA - Gezondheid en Leven

Bachelor BÈTA - Gezondheidswetenschappen

Bachelor BÈTA - Information Sciences

Bachelor BÈTA - Mathematics

Bachelor BÈTA - Medische Natuurwetenschappen

Bachelor BÈTA - Science, Business and Innovation

Minor BÈTA - Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

Minor BÈTA - Biomedische beeldvorming

Minor BÈTA - Biomolecular and Neurosciences

Minor BÈTA - Business Analytics and Data Science

Minor BÈTA - Communicatie over Gezondheid

Minor BÈTA - Data Science

Minor BÈTA - Deep Programming

Minor BÈTA - Earth & Climate

Minor BÈTA - Earth Surface

Minor BÈTA - Evolutionary Biology and Ecology

Minor BÈTA - Five Big Issues in Health

Minor BÈTA - Geology & Geochemistry

Minor BÈTA - Information Sciences

Minor BÈTA - SBI voor Science studenten

Minor BÈTA - Topics in Biomedical Sciences

Premaster Health Sciences

Master BÈTA - Artificial Intelligence

Master BÈTA - Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

Master BÈTA - Biomedical Sciences

Master BÈTA - Biomolecular Sciences

Master BÈTA - Business Analytics

Master BÈTA - Computational Science

Master BÈTA - Computer Science

Master BÈTA - Drug Discovery and Safety

Master BÈTA - Earth Sciences

Master BÈTA - Ecology

Master BÈTA - Environment and Resource Management

Master BÈTA - Global Health

Master BÈTA - Health Sciences

Master BÈTA - Hydrology

Master BÈTA - Managem., Policy-Anal. & Entrepren.

Master BÈTA - Mathematics

Master BÈTA - Neurosciences

Master BÈTA - Parallel and Distributed Comp. Syst.

Master BÈTA - Science, Business and Innovation

Master BÈTA - Stochastics and Financial Math.

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