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Bachelor - Economics and Business Economics

Bachelor - Bedrijfskunde

Bachelor - International Business Administration

Bachelor - Econometrics and Operations Research

Bachelor - Econometrics and Data Science

Minor SBE - Accountancy

Minor SBE - Applied Econometrics

Minor SBE - Business Administration

Minor SBE - Decision Making in Business & Society

Minor SBE - Entrepreneurship

Minor SBE - Health Care Management

Minor SBE - Real Estate Economics and Finance

Minor SBE - Risk Management Financial Institutions

Minor SBE - Sustainability: Man. and Innovation

Master SBE - Accounting & Control

Master SBE - Business Administration

Master SBE - Econometrics and Operations Research

Master SBE - Economics

Master SBE - Finance

Master SBE - Marketing


Master SBE - Transport and Supply Chain Management

Premaster SBE - Accounting & Control

Premaster SBE - Business Administration

Premaster SBE - Entrepreneurship

Premaster SBE - Finance

Premaster SBE - Financial Management

Premaster SBE - Marketing

Premaster SBE - Transport and Supply Chain Managem

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