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Guaranteed Lowest Price, something for you?

Every textbook in our database has two prices, the first one is the price you pay in the VU Boekhandel, the second is for members of Students’ Unions. If you want to pay even less than in the VU Boekhandel, consider becoming a member. As a member of a Students’ Union you get a ‘lowest price guarantee’. If you find the book cheaper in regular Dutch (online) stores, you get the price difference returned.
If you are here for only a term or just one course, please ask for the special discount for International Students in the VU Boekhandel on campus.

What is a Dutch Students’ Union?
Every Faculty at the Vrije Universiteit has its own Students’ Union. They organize a series of activities for members as fieldtrips, lectures, sports events etc. for students of the Faculty. They also sell books with a discount and give a lowest price guarantee. That’s a good reason to become a member!

How high is the Students’ Unions discount?
5 % discount
Books from Dutch publishers in Dutch have a legally fixed price. These books cost the same in every store. By law, Students’ Unions may offer a discount of 5% on textbooks in Dutch (not book for learning Dutch) when a student buys two different textbooks at the same time.

10 % discount when you 'reserve'
When you ‘reserve’ a book before term starts, you will get a 10% discount on textbooks in Dutch as a member of a Students’ Union. You find a button Reservering on the webpage of the Student’ Union. You will receive your books before the course starts.

Highest discount
As a member of a Students’ Union you receive the highest discount on all English books from non-Dutch publishers. This means you can buy your books for a very good price, as mentioned, they offer a lowest price guarantee!

I became a member of a Students'Union after I purchased my books at the VU Bookstore of Can I still get the extra discount?
If you become a member of a Students' Union shortly after you purchased your books at the VU Bookstore or online at you can get the extra discount the Students' Unions offer by showing the invoice from your purchase of textbooks together with your registration as a member of the Students' Union. You can also send both documents to:

Second-hand Books boeken
All Students’ Unions sell second-hand books to members. Buying second-hand from them means you will always buy the right edition for the course you are taking. You can also sell your textbooks again at the end of the year. Another good reason to become a member.

I want to join now, what do I do?
You can join online, when you order your books. Go to the site of the Students’ Union of your Faculty, you find a list to choose from below.

Buy wisely!
Buy only the textbooks you’ll need for the following term. Professors sometimes change books during the year and spreading your expenses on books over the academic year is better for your cash-flow!

List of Students’ Unions webshops

Faculty of Dentistry(ACTA)
Faculteit of Earth and Life Sciences
Faculty of Economics and Business
Faculty of Science Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences Faculty of Humanities Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Theology Faculty of Law Faculty of Social Sciences
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